Sundays Overview

1st Sunday
AM Pastoral
PM Lord's Supper

2nd Sunday
AM Ladies
PM Prayer

3rd Sunday
AM Youth
PM Teaching

4th Sunday
AM Men
PM Fellowship

5th Sunday
AM Pastoral
PM Worship

Weekly Service Overview

Sunday School
10:30am - 11:30am

Mid-day Worship

Sunday Evening
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Prayer Service
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Bible Study / Consecration
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Young People
7:30pm - 9:00pm

General Services

Sunday School

Sunday school is one of the ways all of us can learn about what is written in the Holy Bible. There are several classes available that are tailored just for you. The Bible after all is a letter that God has written to you. In it you can learn about the heart and mind of God. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Mid-day Service

There is a transition from Sunday School to Mid Day service at 11:30am. Prayer, Worship songs, Preaching and Altar service are common place at this time which encourages a sense of community and a deeper relationship with our Father, Jesus the Christ. God has blessed this church with a diversity of anointed speakers that encourage and bless the congregation weekly with an understanding of the Word and a demonstration of the Spirit.

Sunday Evening Service

Evening service is from the format the Apostles used in Acts 2:42; Prayer, Apostles doctrine, Fellowship and the breaking of bread. The first Sunday evening is Lord’s Supper, the following three rotate depending on schedule, for Prayer, Teaching and Fellowship.

Prayer Service

The special service each Tuesday is a unique opportunity to pray in an atmosphere of prayer. This short period of time is filled with individual prayers, group prayers as well as congregational prayers for community, national and global issues and blessings. There are also prayers for specific requests someone might have.

Bible Study & Consecration Service

Depending on date of the Lord’s Supper (first Sunday each month) the first 2 Wednesday varies. The Wednesday following Lord’s supper is a consecration service and the other is Bible study with Pastor Campbell. The third, fourth and if there is a fifth Wednesday of each month is Bible Study with Bishop McKenzie.

Young People's Service

The young and the young at heart. Young people take the lead in this service, singing songs, reading and expressing in their youthful way their relationship with the Lord. There are a variety of activities that motivates the youth to grow in the grace of the Lord.


Guest speakers are invited, special Teaching, workshops and the preached word are held as well as dinners and other activities.

Spring Convocation

Hosted by the Women’s department – Long weekend in May.

Summer Convocation

Hosted by Young People’s department – 3rd weekend in July.

Fall Convocation

Hosted by Men’s department – Long weekend in October.


All are invited to attend, Never a ticket sold. Year End Dinner – TBA

Recreational Activities

From our Annual Church Picnic to Planned Retreats.

  • Church Picnic and Community outreach – July 29, 2017 @ Victoria Park Kitchener