Overseer’s Message

The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic is not just a church. It is a ministry in and of itself. We believe that God has called us to be a light to our community – to bring God’s love to a world that is lost and hurting. We are driven by the vision God has given us and long to fulfill the call and responsibility our Lord and Savior has placed on us.


The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic is comprised of several ministries designed to meet the specific needs of the community which surrounds us. We understand the importance of gathering together each week to worship God, to learn, and to fellowship, but we also realize that there are people outside our building’s walls who are lost, lonely, and starving for love. They need someone to reach out to them. Each one of us wants to be that someone.


We welcome you  to come visit us, or if you already have and want to become a part of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you to get involved in one or more of the ministries that are available to all. It’s not mandatory, and you won’t be any less a part of our family if you choose not to get involved. But the impact it will have not only on the people you minister to, but on you yourself, will change your life forever. So come see why The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic is not just a church but the Church Jesus said he would build.


Jesus is the door to your greatest blessing! These sessions cover a wide range of topics.  Some of these topics include issues concerning spiritual growth, social problems and other difficulties.  Contact the Pastor to discuss further or to set up an appointment.


Bishop A.W. McKenzie