Reaching the community and beyond.
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Sunday school is one of the many ministries dedicated to learning about what is written in the Holy Bible. There are several interactive classes available that are tailored just for you! After all, the Bible is a letter that God has written for us. In these classes, you can learn about the heart and mind of God. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend either our general (taught by Minister Blake), new-convert (taught by Deacon Brown) or children’s classes (taught by Missionary Brown).

The Men’s department is dedicated to building up men that are biblically guided and productive. Under the direction of Elder Graham, the Men’s department strives to develop a strong relationship between men and God, so that they can do what God has called them to do.


Aims of Men’s Department:

  • Create disciples focused on spreading the gospel & enhancing their biblical knowledge.
  • Prepare men to become spiritual leaders where they can affect their home and communities.
  • Foster and enhance spiritual growth within men


Events hosted by the Men’s Department:

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Church Maintenance
  • Themed Conferences

The Women’s department strives to help every woman reach their fullest potential. Led by Evangelist Holness, the Women’s department desires to find women their unique place and function in the body of Christ as well as motivating women to grow in Godliness as they apply scriptures to their lives.


Aims of Women’s Department:

  • Inspire women to understand their value in the Kingdom of God.
  • Encourage women to walk in their purpose.
  • Supporting women in their daily struggles with biblically based intervention. 

Events hosted by the Women’s Department:

  • Prayer Breakfasts
  • All Night Prayer Meetings
  • Themed Conferences

The Youth department seeks to provide a well–balanced program for youth. Headed by Evangelist Heather, the Youth department seek to help youth mature in their relationship with Christ and to help them discover the gifts and abilities with which God has blessed them – ultimately, focused on  discipleship.

Aims of Youth Department:

  • Develop, coordinate and promote a balanced program of activities and discipleship ministry to youth.
  • Involve youth in programs of outreach to reach the un-churched.
  • Provide relevant, godly counsel and mentoring to youth to help them live as Christ followers

Events hosted by the Youth Department:

  • Reflective bonfires
  • Panel Discussions
  • Outings in the Community

The Outreach Department endeavours to evangelize and disciple people, transform lives, homes, neighbourhoods, cities and the world at large with the message of hope and the plan of Salvation.


Aims of Outreach Department:

  • Win souls for the Kingdom of God.
  • Encourage individuals of all ages to develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Mobilize individuals to share the gospel. 


Events hosted by the Outreach Department:

  • Family, Friends and Co-Worker Day
  • Annual Barbecue
  • Prayer Walks